A Painters Journey

A Painters Journey

Painting Selected for Fav Fifteen!

We artists are an insecure bunch and it always helps to have our artwork selected for an honor. This is one of my favorite plein air paintings, done at Plein Air Easton in 2008. Although it didn't make it as a finalist for the November Bold Brush competition, it was selected by the jury as one of the top 15% favorites. And that's something.....


4 Responses to Painting Selected for Fav Fifteen!

Susan Gutting
via nancytankersley.com
Congratulations, again, Nancy. The painting is lovely, with the soft colors and contrast. Very nice feel.

George De Chiara
via nancytankersley.com
Beautiful painting Nancy. Congrats on getting into the FAV 15 percent.

June Wright
via nantank.fineartstudioonline.com
love your work... I also do figurative work in pastel, oil, watercolor, and acrylic!

Chris Murray
via nancytankersley.com
gorgeous painting Nancy-love your blog.



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